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Hi…..welcome to Indian Gastronaut blog.

My name is Abhishek Banerjee and as you must have guessed my passion is food, food and whatelse….more food!!!! Being a Bengali…as most bongs and also non bongs would agree…our conversations when we are with family or friends invariably always goes back to food…what we ate…how it tastes….the restaurants that we went to…so on and so forth. It was more so with me as my family from both sides of the “so called” genetic tree are foodies and many are excellent cooks.

My lovely wife Ayang who is from Nagaland also brings another dimension of cuisine and culture to our household. I run an HR consultancy firm which is my profession but my passion is good food. So much like they say in the comic book superhero universe….from this day forth…”I wear a suit during the day but a chef”s hat by night along with my trusted sidekick…the laptop”….I know kitschy right!!!! couldnt help myself…

I consider myself a food lover, a food adventurer and there is no cuisine or dish that I wouldn’t like to try atleast once. I also love to cook and in this blog would try to bring forth certain beautiful recipes from our Bengali heritage and some family recipes as well. I try to cook at my home whenever I can …mostly non vegetarian fare… I must confess …infact my wife ( Ayang)and elder sister (Didi) cannot go without me cooking some nonvegetarian dish on Sundays!!! Lately I have discovered the wonderful world of vegetarian food and salads as well since I have been trying to reduce my weight!! Also my wife being a Ao Naga…I would love to introduce to my readers the wonderful world of Naga and Northeast Cuisine…believe me…its a treasure chest of amazing dishes….Some dishes and ingredients definitely are a bit of a acquired taste…certain ingredients or style of preparations we don’t commonly see here in north India whereas some have just a nostalgic appeal to it when you discover that food somewhere has certain common threads wherever we go. If there is one thing I have learnt from eating different dishes from different parts of India and world…It is this….They are all bloody delicious!!! As they make do with what’s locally available and fresh and turn it into something lipsmacking. Would encourage my readers to try atleast some of the recipes or food which I would talk about here …be it from Bengal, from North east, or other parts of India and world.

Also in this blog journey which I have started…would love to share with you guys my experiences ….be it a nice restaurant or some fingerlicking streetfood..some new food trips I go to or experiences I have, whether it’s a different cuisine I am trying out….anything. I have been sitting on my butt long enough…thinking about sharing my passion and jouney with you guys …finally resulting in this blog. Hope you all will also enjoy going on this new adventure with me…..cheers!!!